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What can you expect when you partner with High View Web Design? – A personalized website development approach.

As a small website development firm, High View Web Design is committed to providing clients with a complete range of cutting edge web development services, while maintaining a personal touch. Our goal is to provide the website technologies that best meet your business needs. We’ll partner with you to understand your business requirements, research your specific industry, and then guide you through the development of a successful website and strong internet presence.

We provide a clear, streamlined interface with visual impact that entices the audience. With the growing amount of mobile phones and tablets being used to browse the internet, we will ensure your website can perform consistently on all devices. Among our many services, we also ensure your business has optimal visibility to your customers through website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other cost-effective advertisement strategies.

The end result is an inviting website that is sure to connect with your audience!

Web Design

Initial Setup

There are two things to take into consideration when you start thinking of having your own website:

  • The first one is the name of your website. Like your business your website has to have a name. Usually it’s the name of your business. So the name of the website is called domain name, and is purchased annually. The price of a domain name varies, depending of the extension that you’d like your domain name to have(i.e. .com, .net, .info etc), depending on where you purchase the domain name end whether you’d like your domain name to be private or not.
  • The second item on your list should be the physical location where your website will reside. That is a server somewhere in the vast network of servers. You can get such a space through a hosting provider. I can help you choose a hosting provider that is right for you, depending on how complex your site will be. The hosting is paid monthly or annually, directly to the hosting provider. If you don’t want to deal with this entire infrastructure, I can take care of it for you. I strongly recommend SiteGround for hosting!

Website Types

  • Determine website type – help you determine the optimal website type for your business i.e. static, CMS (Content management), e-Commerce with Paypal Integration, Blog
  • Multi-platform development i.e. websites must work on hand-held devices i.e. phones, tablets as well as laptops/desktops. Or single platform development.
  • You are welcome to bring your own text for the website’s content. We can also provide the copy for an extra cost that will cover a research of your industry and the actual writing.
  • Same with the images that you want to appear on the website, you can bring your own, or we could take professional photos for you. We could also use stock photography that we can purchase for you.
  • Bring your own logo, or we can create one for you!
  • Social media integration is an important step in building a website. We will integrate and link to your favorite social media websites. We can also assist you in creating a presence on the media websites of your choice. i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube etc.

  • Tools setup:
    • Setup Google tools: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster (Search Console), Google My Business
    • Setup Bing tools: Bing Webmaster, Bing Places

Website support and maintenance

  • Content updates – new content such as pictures and text.
  • Platform upgrades – for CMS websites platform updates are required.
  • Instructional meetings where we teach you how to use the CMS.



  • Setup email addresses. Add the email address to your favorite email application and/or your device/devices.
  • Integrate newsletter subscription form on your website.
  • Create email templates.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – To make sure your clients find you on the web we put to the good use SEO technics using SEO most used guidelines and tools.

Search engines like Bing and Google change their algorithms all the time. In my experience a website will always be indexed by search engines if the website is:

  • Well written (clean code).
  • Has relevant content.
  • Has images with description.
  • Has videos with transcripts.
  • Pages have relevant titles and descriptions.

In addition to this it’s a good idea to sign up with Google Business and Bing Places, as they will help your business appear in local searches.



If you still have questions after the first obligation/money free visit with me, we can setup a consultation session.

  • If you want to build your own website, but you are not sure where to start, we can sit down and go through everything so you can get started.
  • Website re-designs, platform changes.
  • SEO, Local SEO advice.